March 19th, 2018  / Author: lalitha

March 2018   Though a few ELSS funds launched in December 2017 are still open, a lone Equity NFO from Sundaram Mutual Fund finds a place in the March 2018 NFONEST since the ELSS funds have been discussed in the previous NFONESTS and Reliance Mutual Fund has decided to withdraw the running NFO named Reliance Capital Builder Read more »


March 12th, 2018  / Author: lalitha

March 2018   All the GEMs from the 2017 GEMGAZE have performed reasonably well through thick and thin and figure prominently in the 2018 GEMGAZE too.  Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund Gem   Incorporated in September 2005, Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund has an AUM of Rs 14,592 crore, a nearly three-fold increase over the AUM of Rs 5,629 Read more »


March 5th, 2018  / Author: lalitha

March 2018   Steady Returns at Zero Risk of Capital Losses   Can you name an investment that offers steady returns and offers zero risk of capital losses? Arbitrage Funds is the answer. Arbitrage funds are a type of equity-oriented hybrid mutual funds that generate returns through the simultaneous purchase and sale of securities on Read more »


February 26th, 2018  / Author: lalitha

February 2018   2018 started with positive news for the mutual fund industry. The AAUM (average assets under management) of the mutual fund industry is at an all-time high. The latest AMFI data shows that AAUM of the mutual fund industry crossed Rs.23 lakh crore to reach Rs.23.25 lakh crore in January 2018. It increased Read more »


February 19th, 2018  / Author: lalitha

February 2018   NFOs of various hues adorn the February 2018 NFONEST. SBI Debt Fund – Series C – 10 Opens: February 15, 2018 Closes: February 20, 2018 SBI Mutual Fund has launched the SBI Debt Fund – Series C – 10, a closed end fund that matures after 1150 days. The fund endeavours to Read more »


February 12th, 2018  / Author: lalitha

February 2018   All the GEMs from the 2017 GEMGAZE have performed reasonably well through thick and thin and figure prominently in the 2018 GEMGAZE too.    FT India Life Stage Fund of Funds Gem   Franklin Templeton AMC offers five plans based on life stages that will suit your age profile – FT India Life Read more »


February 5th, 2018  / Author: lalitha

February 2018   Juggling its way…   Fund of Funds (FoFs) or multi-manager funds, as they are otherwise known, are funds which invest in other mutual funds. Fund of funds do not invest directly in stocks, bonds or other securities, but mandate asset allocation to other fund managers, who might be able to offer a Read more »


January 29th, 2018  / Author: lalitha

January 2018 Regulatory Rigmarole   NSE NMF II has introduced e-mandate facility on its mutual fund platform with immediate effect. The e-mandate facility would help mutual fund distributors to reduce the SIP registration cycle to just two to three days, as compared to two to three weeks earlier. Currently, MF distributors register paper based mandates Read more »


January 22nd, 2018  / Author: lalitha

January 2018 The year 2017 ended on a positive note for the mutual fund industry as the total equity AUM including pure equity funds, balanced funds, ELSS and equity ETFs for December 2017 touched an all-time high of Rs.10.08 lakh crore. This is largely due to increased inflows in equity funds and mark to market Read more »


January 15th, 2018  / Author: lalitha

January 2018   Fundraising by new offers in the equity segment of the mutual fund industry hit a 10-year high of Rs 22,333 crore in 2017. The average fund raised per new fund offer, at nearly Rs 380 crore, was also the highest since 2008. Equity NFOs’ contribution to overall equity mutual fund sales is on the Read more »